I tawt I taw a puddy tat

  The nascar race held my attention only briefly, fifteen minutes tops. Then I turned it off. A screech filled my room. I double-checked the television. It was off. Okay, now I am hearing things. The screech cried out again, louder this time. Oh. I remember that sound. A cat. No, two cats. Fighting. Outside my open window. I peered out. Hey now, there’s my buddy, a pretty calico. Cornered by a burly alley cat. The villain. The two were poised have another go. What to do? I thought about running out there. Instead I called for their attention. The alley cat swiftly turned to look at me, hateful eyes spitting venom. I hissed. He backed down and slowly walked away, staring back at me for several steps. My buddy is safe, for now. 

Question is: how willing am I to step in for the sake of my human neighbors in their time of need? 
Break camp and advance…

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