Hi there! My name is Glen. But then, you probably already figured that out. Here I share my thoughts about life, mission, spirituality, and children’s ministry. I have served two churches during my volunteer ministry tenure. At the end of 2010 I resigned as the ordained Children’s Pastor in a local church after fifteen years of service. I dropped my former denomination’s credentials and moved on. The archived posts in this blog tell my story since about 2006. The more recent posts trace the contours of my current thinking, struggles, and dreams for the future. If you are one of those people who simply must know the pedigree of a blog writer, there is a CV somewhere on this blog. It is mostly up-to-date, but not entirely. Yes, it requires some editing. If you find it, will you please tell it to come home? Dinner is waiting and will soon grow cold….

For those who are interested in my current employment and activities, I drive a box truck full-time for a large local company. I enjoy what I do, the people I work with, and the privilege of completing challenging tasks each day.

Beyond that, I read and write. A lot. I am open to creative collaboration in projects which emphasize excellence in content and form. I also have a poetry blog here.

In late August, 2011 I returned to my church, this time as a regular attendee. I am getting involved in creative ways which do not require a title, pedigree, or notoriety. My primary emphasis is to do life cross-culturally with my neighbors, living life with them in the margins as an urban missionary. In the normal routines of daily living I seek to be an ambassador for Jesus Christ.

I am a broken vessel, but willing. I invite you to pray for me on this journey into obscurity.