• Coach (Specializing in kidmin, leadership, faith, and life coaching.), 2013-2016
  • Children’s Pastor, Portland Open Bible Church, Portland, Oregon 1996-2010
  • Children’s Ministry Director, Open Bible Fellowship, Eugene, Oregon 1991-1995
  • Children’s Ministry Volunteer, Open Bible Fellowship, Eugene, Oregon 1983-1991

Academic Lectures and Positions

  • Research Scholar in New Testament at Western Evangelical Seminary for Dr. Anthony Casurella, 1995-1996. One year appointment. Conducted primary source research: Prepared the data contained in the critical apparatus of One Peter for detailed text analysis by Dr. Casurella. The result was a 390 page document that laid out the critical apparatus information contained in NA27 so that Dr. Casurella could more easily make interpretive judgments in preparation for a commentary on One Peter. Also conducted four exhaustive word studies on the following terms: Gospel, Grace, Fellowship, Restoration of the Twelve Tribes. I consulted the following primary sources: The apocrypha, the apostolic fathers, and in the New Testament canon specifically Hebrews, Acts, One and Two Peter, One, Two and Three John, Jude and Revelation. This research was in preparation for articles that Dr. Casurella had been commissioned to write.
  • Teaching Assistant in New Testament Introduction at Western Evangelical Seminary for Dr. Anthony Casurella, Spring, 1995. One semester appointment. Graded course work and exams. Prepared and presented course lectures. Prepared, presented and graded one major course examination
  • Teaching Assistant in New Testament Greek at Western Evangelical Seminary for Dr. Mary Kate Morse, Fall, 1995. One Semester appointment.
  • Teaching Assistant in Hermenuetics at Western Evangelical Seminary for Dr. Bill Vermillion, Fall, 1995. One semester appointment.
  • Guest Lecturer at George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon, Spring of 1996, Lectured on the Synoptic Gospels.
  • Guest lecturer at Western Seminary, Portland , Oregon , Educational Ministry, Winter of 2001, Lectured on Sunday School curriculum
  • Guest lecturer at Northwestern College, St. Paul. Minnesota, Spring of 2004, Lectured on Sunday School curriculum via teleconference.
  • Guest lecturer at Multnomah Bible College, Portland, Oregon, 2001-2004. Lecturing on Sunday School curriculum and educational ministry.
  • Guest lecturer at Oregon College of Ministry, Gresham, Oregon , Fall 2004. Children’s Ministry and curriculum.


  • Doctoral research on the church’s role in encouraging parental responsibility for the spiritual nurture of children.
  • Planning research regarding effective missional outreach to unchurched children in families in urban Portland, Oregon.
  • In the past I have engaged in master’s level research in educational ministry, biblical Hebrew and Greek, Classical Greek (400 years prior to Koine Greek, which is the language of the NT), the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, the Fourth Gospel, children’s ministry, and leadership development, to name a few. At the doctoral level I specialized in culture, postmodernism, practical theology, spirituality, and pastoral leadership.
  • On my own I have dabbled in several source languages relevant to biblical study, including Latin, Ugaritic, Aramaic, and theological German (which is important for studying the original writings of some of our greatest biblical and theological scholars).


  • Enrolled in Western Seminary’s Certificate of Transformational Coaching Program (60 coach training hours completed)
  • DMin, Pastoral Leadership, Children’s and Family Ministry. Dissertation Title: Praxis of Nurture in Small Churches. Western Seminary. 2009
  • MDiv, Educational Ministry Specialization. Western Seminary. 1999
  • MA, Biblical Literature, New Testament Specialization. Honors Student. Western Evangelical Seminary (Now George Fox Evangelical Seminary), 1996
  • BA, Pastoral Studies, Minor in Biblical Greek. Eugene Bible College. 1988


  • Expertise in urban mission, ministry curriculum, pastoral leadership, children’s and family ministry, and the intersection of theology and culture in the practice of children’s ministry.


  • American Bible Society award recipient for creativity and excellence in biblical teaching, 1999.
  • Who‘s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 1996.



  • Deeply involved in mission and evangelism to the local culture through the normal routines of daily life.
  • Continuing interest in the praxis of nurture and mission through small local churches.
  • Other interests include listening to classical music, blogging, hanging out with friends, photography of nature and culture, writing a fantasy novel, writing poetry, learning wood carving, and visiting new places.


  • Portland Street Ministry Network. May 1, 2014. Moderator
  • Northwest Ministry Conference. March 29, 2014. Topics: Engaging Mission; Engaging Parents.
  • Cascade Presbytery Christian Educator’s Retreat. April 16, 2013. Keynote Speaker. Topic: Engaging Parents


  • Leading Change in Children’s Ministry, Part 1: Learn strategies for evaluating: whether your ministry is growing, at a plateau, or declining and for identifying initial plans of action.
  • Leading Change in Children’s Ministry, Part 2: Learn strategies for developing specific, measurable and realistic goals to propel your ministry into a fresh season of growth.
  • Leading Change in Children’s Ministry, Part 3: Learn to manage change wisely through a focus on relationship, the use of narrative and a shared vision for a preferred future.
  • Map it and Tell it! Using freehand drawing of Bible land maps to communicate Bible stories visually.
  • Developing Effective Ministry Teams: Primary keys to developing a team-nurturing ministry environment.
  • Which way do I go? Which way do I go? Learn specific strategies for evaluating and choosing curriculum for children’s church, Sunday school, or any other ministry opportunity.
  • Conflict in Children’s Ministry: Biblical and practical counsel for guiding volunteers, ministry peers, parents and kids through conflict redemptively. Case studies from Glen’s ministry will be shared and discussed.
  • T Minus Five and Counting: Learn an effective in-service five step mentoring process for training teachers who will be well equipped to mentor others. A great model for reducing burnout and continually developing new teachers.
  • Dynamic Storytelling in Children’s Ministry: Spark your creativity for developing and presenting life impacting stories that stick in the memories of your audience. Learn simple ideas for costuming, characterization and audience involvement.
  • Big Dreams for Small Church Children’s Ministry: Practical insights for creating momentum with suggestions for curriculum, events and programming.
  • Missio Praxis in Children’s Ministry: Leading your children’s ministry to impact the local culture in practical ways for Jesus Christ.


  • Northwest Christian Education Conference in Seattle, WA. Guest Speaker and exhibitor, 2002 – 2008, 2014
  • Oregon District Assemblies of God Children’s Ministry Conference in Salem, Oregon . Guest Speaker and exhibitor, Spring, 2004
  • Christian Workers Conference in Spokane, Washington. Guest Speaker and exhibitor, Spring 2002
  • Portland Children’s Ministry Network. Former Director (2004) and board member (1996-2000)
  • Super Saturday, Child Evangelism Fellowship Conference in Portland, Oregon. Guest speaker and exhibitor. (2003-2007, 2010)
  • Children’s Pastor’s Conference, San Diego, CA. 2003. Exhibitor