Being in the moment with people

Photo courtesy of @kaneshow via Twitter

What do you do if you’re a rock star and a ten year old super fan, who happens to have Down’s syndrome, gets super nervous and subsequently sinks to the ground upon meeting you backstage?

If you’re Adam Levine, you ask the entire Maroon 5 band to join you in laying down on the floor near the boy as his mother cradles him. Then you chat. About life, music, and how cool it is that you and the band get to meet the boy.

We can learn something from this in the church in terms of pastoral care and mission. Be present. Be real. Be humble, willing to listen and situate yourself so as to ease the discomfort of another, especially this precious child. 

Having apparently occurred about two years ago, you can read the whole story and see the original backstage pass submission video by following this link.

Meanwhile, I need to redouble my efforts at learning to be present with people in the moment. 

Break camp and advance…

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