Photos of Power Club Kids

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Photos of Payatas Children’s Ministry

Here are three photos recently mailed to me by Marivic M. Goloy, the Childrens Bible Study Teacher of Payatas Children’s Ministry in Quezon City, Philippines. She works with kids who live near the garbage heaps of Quezon City. Apparently the kids spend a lot of time in the dump, searching for food and supplies. She was very kind to send me these photos along with the captions on the back of each one. For many years (20+ I believe) she has faithfully worked among some of the poorest children in her part of the world. I am inspired by her testimony. I believe that God is raising up a generation of believers around the world who will follow her example in reaching the marginalized. I hope to be one of them as the Lord leads.

King Solomon Proclaims Greetings to the Citizens of his Kingdom… Or Not.

Recently King Solomon of biblical lore was spotted greeting the children of Portland Open Bible Church. Rumor has it that he gave them a brief historical–or is that hysterical?–sketch of his encounter with God that led him to ask God for wisdom. Nonplussed by the giggles and the wiggles of the little ones, King Solomon regaled them with the sights, sounds and movements of that singularly significant episode. And despite the misgivings of naysayers, that fancy crown was NOT from Burger King. Honest. Sorta…. Nevermind. :P