Napkin Ideas Session 6: Justyn Smith

Justyn Smith took the stage again the second day of the conference to share 8 things he has learned from his lead pastor. I appreciated hearing his perspective after learning that of his pastor on the previous day. Continue reading


Napkin Ideas Session 5: Jim Wideman

Jim Wideman took the stage by storm in session 5 of Napkin. He is internationally respected for his leadership expertise and practical wisdom. Fellow blogger and highly respected children’s pastor Kenny Conley explains in more detail the blessing that Pastor Wideman is to him specifically, and also to the many others Wideman influences through his infuse experiences, cd Club, conference speaking, writings, and web presence.  

Because I got caught up in listening to him, I did not discipline myself to take detailed notes of his presentation. However, there are a few highlights which stood out to me as important. Here are some morsels for you to chew on. Continue reading

Napkin Ideas Session 4: Yancy Richmond

In session 4 of Napkin, Yancy Richmond spoke about leading children in worship. She cited one stat that by the time a person is 18 years old, he or she will have about 10,000 songs stored away in the memory. Imagine that. I have not tried to test her hypothesis, but it is suggestive of the power of music. Her point was that we are created to worship God (Ps 8:1-2). And, that if we lead kids, they will follow us in worshipping him.

She goes on to ask several questions. Continue reading

Napkin Ideas Session 1: Justyn Smith

Justyn Smith speaking at Napkin 2010

I want to give a great big shout out to Justyn Smith of The Church at South Las Vegas for putting on such an awesome conference!

Beginning with this post, I will share some tidbits from each of the presenters which I found particularly helpful for me personally. What follows is a snippet of content from Justyn Smith. If you want to get more, simply go to the Napkin Conference website to inquire about purchasing DVDs or CDs of the sessions.

Napkin Conference: Great Networking Opportunity

Just over 200 people attended Napkin 2o1o. They came from Australia, South Africa, Canada, and all over the USA. Over 200 like-minded children’s ministry leaders came to participate in a conference in which they were just as important as the several keynote speakers. And the benefits showed throughout the two days of sessions.

People poured out their hearts to each other, brainstormed together, prayed, cried, and laughed together. And that was just during the many opportunities which the presenters provided for small group interaction. Brilliant. Continue reading

Napkin 2010: Introducing a Great Conference!

Yesterday I arrived home from a few days in Las Vegas, Nevada where I had opportunity to meet and network with children’s ministry leaders and friends from around the world at the 2010 Napkin Conference. It was awesome! Pastor Justyn Smith did an awesome job of organizing and leading the event. This post is the first of several in which I will show photos and describe many of the great details about Napkin. There were hilarious moments, profound God-inspired encounters, deep times of reflection, and wonderful networking. All in just a few days together in a city most people have written off as unredeemable. Continue reading