re-engaging the kidmin conversation

Yes, it’s true. I am wading back in to the children’s ministry conversation. The venues are the same, but the perspective is different. I am in the process of developing articles for and new content for  As always, I may post content related to children’s ministry on this blog, too. Whereas before I wrote from the perspective of an ordained children’s pastor in a local church, I will now be writing as a missionary to my city and a volunteer in my church. Yet, I am sure I will access my background of practical and academic learning experiences. So I invite you to look for my articles and content and to interact with me here and in those venues. The two websites offer unique and outstanding resources. I am privileged to contribute in a small way in the days to come. And watch out, you will probably be encouraged, inspired, and energized by accessing the resources on both websites.


New Kidology Coach

Kidology just announced that Rev. Todd McKeever will join Rev. Barney Kinard as a Kidology Coach. Kidology Coaching is a great mentoring program which guides students through twenty-six foundational areas of ministry. Each coach adds their unique experiences and expertise to the conversations which occur during the student interactions.

I sat down over breakfast with Barney recently. The time I spent with him was encouraging. He spoke very highly of Todd. I share his assessment that Todd will bless his students with his sharp mind, deep experience, and generous heart.

So, do you plan to enroll in Kidology Coaching? Head on over to Kidology now and get started. Whether you are paired with Barney or Todd, I am confident that your experience will revolutionize how you view your ministry, helping you to go to the next level which God has for you.

New Articles on Kidology

For those of you who are Kidology members, I have five new articles posted in the articles section of If you are not a member, it is really easy to sign up for a nominal yearly cost. Believe me. It is worth every penny. Actually it is worth a lot more than they require, but you will not regret the expense. So, head to Kidology, become a member, log on and then navigate to the articles section and look for “Becoming An Excellent Children’s Ministry Teacher: Be Prayerful, Be Accountable, Be Biblical, Be Prepared, and Be Joyful.” Later this month I will post Be friendly, Be relevant, Be yourself, Be creative, and Be faithful. Be sure to look me up on Kidology and we can talk about these articles and all the great discussions going on there. See you on Kidology!

Getting Active on Kidology

Before you call me a stark raving lunatic, let me at least provide you with proof for the claim. :) I have signed up to write ten articles for Kidology in the month of May. If approved, they will show up in the Articles Zone of the website. I have no idea what level of access you will need to read them. Some articles are for anyone browsing the site. Others require membership access. So when I learn more, I will pass it along! Plus I will indicate the titles and url for each article when they go live.

Update: I have developed a working title for my articles. It is going to be a series, “Becoming an Excellent Children’s Ministry Teacher.” Again, there will be ten articles and I have already specified their specific topics. I will wait to introduce them, however, until they are written.

of shoes and their wearers

When the Kidology members met last Tuesday in San Diego, I captured a photograph of Karl Bastian’s most recent footwear acquisition. No children’s pastor should be without a pair just like them! I am waiting to for a shipment of my CPC materials via UPS. In that package, I will find information on how to order shoes just like these. Now how cool is that? So wander over to kidology and tell Karl how much you think his shoes rawk! I should add that they are just a little spendy. But it’s not like you will be wearing them out with constant use. I might, but I am sure you won’t. :)

Photo of CPC Kidology Gathering

With Karl Bastian’s permission, I grabbed this photo off of Several people from the Kidology website gathered for a couple hours last Tuesday evening. It was a great time of fellowship. There were some, like me, who are new to the site. Others are long-time users. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing from our hearts and learning from each other. I am impressed with the maturity and depth of these men and women. It makes me proud to be a part of the site.