The Risen Lamb of God 

He looks into your eyes as he speaks to your heart, lifting your bowed head with his nail-scarred hands, taking in the tears running freely down your cheeks. He speaks softly, but with unwavering confidence, saying, “The sin for which you weep, that shattered shame which threatens the very life of your spirit with the weight of terrible guilt, is now removed and cast away as far as the east is from the west. For your sin was nailed to the cross, your guilt atoned. You are free. Rejoice!”

You note the glorious countenance before you. Your Savior. Your Redeemer. Your Lord. The Lamb of God, slain form the foundation of the world, now risen again victorious over hell and death and sin. 

Go now, Ambassador. Tell others what Jesus Christ has done for you. And rejoice!


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