Are you shattered?

Shattered people fill the public square in the Portland metro area. Some seem composed; others make no pretense as to their despair. They go about their lives doing whatever they can to survive. I’m not only writing about those without shelter and basic necessities, although they do occupy the forefront of my prayers. I also refer to the more affluent. They may sometimes be harder to spot with their basic food and shelter needs met, but their relational and emotional needs scattered to the winds.

They ride mass transit alongside us, hang out at local watering holes like Starbucks or one of the many ubiquitous Portland pubs, and they sit near us in theaters, churches, sporting events, and concerts. Some do none of that. They remain at home, far from view. Alienated. Isolated. Alone. Shattered. 

Maybe that’s you. Your heart is broken. It seems so damaged that you can perceive no way to move forward with any kind of hope or purpose. You may even wonder if life is worth living any longer. 

If you are a follower of Jesus, I encourage you to do a few things. First, pray to God, asking for his help to find encouragement. Second, read the Psalms. Start at the beginning and keep reading prayerfully. Last, find someone with whom you can talk. Perhaps a pastor or a wise counselor with a Christian worldview. Maybe a parent or friend.

If you are not a follower of Jesus, I invite you consider the hope he offers. Check out the book of Matthew in the Bible. Know that God loves you, no matter what you have experienced in life or what you think you have done. 

Got questions or need to talk? Leave a comment. I’m listening. 


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