Be still and know that he is God

In a moment I want you to close your eyes. Not yet. I’ll give you the signal. 
Read Psalm 46 first. Read it again more slowly. Do you want to read it again? Go ahead…

When it’s time to do so, I invite you to forget your surroundings and concentrate. Focus on your life as it is now. Here. In this moment. No matter what pressures you face, or the grief that pummels the deep places of your soul, or the self-talk that constantly assaults your dignity and value like an ubiquitous dull ache repeatedly interrupted by penetrating targeted barbs, I want you to rest in the presence of Jesus. 

As you close your eyes, speak his name with an attitude of worship. And wait. Listen. Speak his name again. Listen for his response, keeping in mind God’s message of encouragement for his people in Psalm 46, particularly verse 10, but in the context of the entire psalm.

This is your signal. Close your eyes, not opening them until you are ready, however long that may be. 
Now that you are back, reflect upon your experience. Write it down. Share with a trusted friend. 

Be still and know that he is God. 


One thought on “Be still and know that he is God

  1. This was a great exercise. It reminded me that God is sovereign, and His sovereignty is not at all dependent on how I perceive my circumstances or if I choose to acknowledge Him. He will be exalted. We serve a mighty God.

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