safety is over-rated

In many ways, the unreached aren’t so different from followers of Jesus. They work, play, smile, bleed… They may even be seeking for meaning in life. But how will we know to sense their cues if all of our attention is inwardly focused?

For the last two years I’ve actively engaged people in my new community, making friends, listening, sharing laughs all within the ebb and flow of daily routines. Bus drivers, drug addicts, laborers like myself, business people, parents, kids, and so on. A divers sampling of humanity. Outwardly appearing normal, but on a deeper level struggling through life. 

Connecting with others powerfully is done most effectively in the context of real life through regular interactions. It’s intentional, not accidental. It’s active, not passive. Their terms, not ours. 

This is why I choose to live and work primarily outside of the Christian sphere. While I value the teaching, influence and covering of my local church, my primary ministry is outside of its walls and in the community.

It’s not a safe space, which is why I depend all the more on The Lord God to order my steps in the days ahead. God isn’t safe either, to borrow Lewis’s observation about Aslan. But he is infinitely good.


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