Yesterday I joined the 180 team and kids and their parents and grandparents, along with many friends from church to share a thanksgiving meal together after an abbreviated 180 session. My favorite memories include watching a grandma race children to carry ping pong balls from one bucket to another. She was quick. Her team won three times in a row. No lie.

We are developing relationships. Doing life together is becoming a pervasive theme in our ministry ethos. It’s gratifying to witness this ongoing maturation in our culture.

In our ministry there are no stars. Just humble servants seeking to do God’s will. And if we should ever become tempted to succumb to pride, may God crush us once again for our sake and that of our community.

We are invested for the long term. No plans to move our campus to a more affluent area as was suggested by some folks years ago. We love our neighborhood. These are our people. Their hurts are ours. So we are learning to open our hearts to them, give of our time, become vulnerable, become real.

It’s hard. We don’t have all the answers. I know I don’t. In my brokenness I cling desperately to God’s grace, thankful for his deliverance and healing. Yet for the sake of the gospel I must press more deeply into the wilderlands, the untamed territories, the hard places where most don’t want to go, where I sometimes fear to tread. How can I not?

Whether it’s the drug addict or the ex-con, the hardened truck driver or tough guy warehouseman, the wealthy businessperson or destitute person on the street corner, I must be fully present for them in God’s timing.

As I’ve written before. It’s not about me, it’s all about Christ and him crucified.

What about you? What is God stirring in your heart?


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