When I rise in the morning there is no soundtrack to inspire would be onlookers who might happen upon my ordinary story. There isn’t even closed captioning. Just a comical middle-aged man, struggling to get up while it’s still dark. Another day of labor. Filled with purpose.

Film producers would throw my script into the scrap pile. “Who cares about an old guy getting up at 4:25 am and going to work everyday? No one wants to watch that. We need action! Peril! Conflict! Lots of exclamation points preceded by saucy language, receding hemlines, and pyrotechnics!”

Therefore I’m destined to live in the invisible background of contemporary entertainment, not even meriting a cameo as an extra. I do so with purpose and with joy.

It allows me margin to listen with compassion to two elderly friends as they grapple with physical infirmity and concern for wayward adult children. It provides me space to join a group of friends in comforting one of our own who is hurting deeply.

It reminds me that I am not the hero of my story; I’m not even the protagonist. I’m just a simple player in a larger ensemble which is being refined for God’s glory so that his story may take priority in all of our lives.

I’m a follower of Jesus. The degree to which his person and work are magnified through my life will mark my level of obedience to the purpose for which he has made me.

Less of me, Jesus. More of you. Truly, to live is Christ and to die is gain.


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