to each their own creative process

Musical silence foreshadows creativity. An imagined instrumental interlude is sometimes all it takes for me to dig deep and discover an artistic piece yet to be fully refined. It can reveal an emotion, a new way of thinking about a problem, a poetic turn of phrase, or a form waiting to be revealed on the drawing pad.

I’m sure it’s not this way for every person. For me, it normally requires discipline to do the work of creating art, whether written or some other form. But when the sweet spot of musical silence strikes, I feel as if I have entered the world which I am attempting to create.

I press in, exploring places I prefer to ignore. Pain. Sorrow. Regret. Evil. Vulnerability. Neediness. Through tears I write. I also explore places which unveil wonder, evoking joy, laughter, and worship.

Nuggets of creative inspiration strike me throughout the day, usually in the midst of the mundane: driving truck, manual labor, walking in the city or in nature, living ordinary life. I note those moments, reflecting on them. Later, if the inspiration persists, I act on them to the soundtrack of musical silence. It is in these moments that the ideas coalesce, forming into tangible creations.

Then I take the biggest risk of all. I put them out there for others to see, vulnerability on full display.


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