pressing into the plot line


I’m looking out my back window as I type these words. Spring rains nurture the green that I see as trees offer their array of praise to our Creator. The scene changes throughout the year, depending on the season. Just a few months ago there were no leaves at all as winter ran its course. It seems that nature understands it’s role in acting out its part in the story. But it’s not quite so simple for me. As I press into the plot line which God has designed for me, I do so with childlike faith in his providence, while lacking the clarity of future hindsight.

There is much I do not know and may never know this side of eternity.

Yet, I have a part to play to the best of my ability. So I seek God, crying out to him and striving to listen with an open, malleable heart. The two birds flitting among the trees just outside my window do so without a care for what tomorrow will bring. Their concern is the here and now. Food, drink safety, the stuff of a bird’s daily struggle to survive in a hostile, yet beautiful world.

God cares for those birds. In keeping with the words of Jesus in Luke 12:24, how much more does God care for you and for me?

The enemy of our souls tells us lies:

-you have no future because of your past decisions
-you are a fraud because you have sinned
-you have no value because who could possibly accept you?


-your future will be great, if only you do what I say…
-you can do whatever you want, if only you serve me…
-your value is vested in your willingness to bow to my wishes…

Either trajectory is full of lies from the pit of hell. They attempt to steal attention from Jesus Christ and place them on ourselves and on the devil.

But God reminds us in the text above that he does care for us, and in texts throughout Scripture that he does love us (John 3:16-17, Romans 5:8, etc). Therefore, my plot line is a carefully tended subplot to God’s grand narrative which expresses his love for all of humanity throughout history. So is yours.

That’s the promise and hope which the Holy Spirit seals in our hearts through Jesus. We have a relationship with God and he is involved in our lives as we submit ourselves to obedience to his Word. That is why I state with joy the memory verse the kids and I learned today in kids church: “Your statutes are wonderful. Therefore I obey them” (Psalm 119:129).

The darkness is now filtering out daylight as I take my final glimpse of the trees. The birds seem to be settling in for now. Their story continues. So does mine and yours. What will tomorrow bring? I don’t know.

But I plan and hope and continue to listen to what the Spirit of God is saying through Holy Scripture. Yes I press into the plot line, hoping that somehow my minor subplot will make a difference for someone tomorrow and in the days to come.


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