Northwest Ministry Conference 2014


Recently I spoke at the Northwest Ministry Conference in Redmond, WA. I led two workshops–Into the Margins: Engaging Mission in Your Neighborhood and Engaging Parents in Family Disicpleship. Both sessions were recorded and the mp3s were sent to me

If you are interested in listening to one or both of the sessions, please email me and I can send you the link to download them from my public Dropbox folder. I also invite you to give me your feedback or to ask any questions which apply to your ministry and the content I shared.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the workshop attendees. Some even attended both sessions! I always learn a great deal when leading workshops. One of my personal take aways for this conference was that just as I am discovering my writing voice, I am also finding my niche in speaking. It’s an encouraging thought as both writing and speaking share the distinction of being notoriously hard for me.

Although I was at the conference for only one day, I got to say hello to numerous old friends and also meet a couple of new friends. That’s my favorite part of conferences! If I’m not speaking, I prefer to be mingling and nurturing friendships with people.

I’m looking forward to more opportunities as 2014 progresses. Who knows? Maybe we will cross paths in a future gathering.

Until then…


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