Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference 2014


Artwork courtesy of Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference

My heart is full. Again. Last year I blogged about my experience at the 2013 Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference. It was out of that weekend that I felt liberated to admit to myself and declare to the world that I am a writer.

Not a wannabe. Not a fraud. But a writer. And the world needs my voice.

This year, at the 2014 conference, I had a similar epiphany which built upon last year’s encouragement.

I’m being challenged to remove the veneer from my heart which masks the vulnerability necessary to communicate clearly to my readers.

I like feeling safe. Liked. Appreciated. Loved. Am I willing to risk all of that to be real?

Vulnerability is a proportionate expression of strength of character, the ability to grow comfortable in my own skin, knowing that God loves me even when people may abandon me.

Saturday morning I tweeted out: “I’m a peasant, not a prince. I’m not the hero in my own story, but the hero loves me still, despite my sin-stained hands touching his scars.”

I followed it up with: “Need #writing inspiration? Find that back alleyway in your memory where it hurts. Step in. Write.”

So as I continue to engage the margins as a missionary to my city and neighborhood, don’t expect a lot of fanciful, sanitized fluff. Yes, I will maintain editorial control of what I share. It’s my journey and story, after all. But I intend to press into the hard places. I intend to be real.

In my next post I will share specific points of learning at the conference. And then in a third post I will offer what I would have shared had I been one of the keynote speakers at Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference 2014.

What about you? How was your experience?


8 thoughts on “Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference 2014

  1. It’s such a challenge to be real and vulnerable in a very public forum. I’m interested to see how you expand on this idea your coming posts.

    It was great to meet you Glen! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop and introduce yourself on Friday night. As an introvert I truly appreciate it when someone takes a minute to reach out when they notice I’m sitting alone.

  2. I enjoyed meeting with you, Jennifer! I am an introvert, too. I have to make myself step out of my comfort zone to meet people. No small irony since that is much of what I do as a neighborhood missionary! I’m glad you were able to attend the conference. I look forward to continuing the conversation here and on twitter. Blessings to you!

  3. Glen-So good to read you post about the 2014 Faith & Culture Writers Conference! Thank you for your reflections on what you learned and on your experience. I love your statement, “I like feeling safe. Liked. Appreciated. Loved. Am I willing to risk all of that to be real?” Wow, awesome lesson!

    It was great to have you there again. Thanks for being such a cheer-leader of FCWC! and stay connected-

    blessings, cornelia

  4. Cornelia, I appreciate yo so much. You have been a great encouragement to me and to so many others. I have certainly hope we can connect again in the near future!

  5. I love this: “I like feeling safe. Liked. Appreciated. Loved. Am I willing to risk all of that to be real?” So good Glen! I attended FCWC for the first time this year and I anticipated it being a challenge in that I am an introvert, and God has called me to ‘give up’ (or lay down!) Self Doubt for Lent this year. Because, why not? I figured a Writers conference would stir up all of my self doubt, but it turns out I had a great weekend and wasn’t once tempted to pick it back up! Being Real, Vulnerable, and Authentic… that is where Freedom is! Can’t wait to read your other posts on FCWC!

  6. Karrilee, your words are so encouraging. One thing I am learning in my journey as a default introvert is that although I value periods of solitude, isolation is not healthy. I’ve gone from being a serial isolationist to a networker, neighborhood missionary, and friend by God’s grace. Praying for you as your story continues to unfold!

  7. Love those tweets, and glad you shared them here because I missed them on actual Twitter. :) Can’t wait to read what you would have said had you been a speaker!

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