carving words from my heart


Photo by Glen Alan Woods

Amid the silence there is a relentless sound of chiseling, the carver’s blade etching words from my heart. Words of joy; words of pain. Real. They bring life to the things held deeply inside. Dreams. Disappointment. Shame. Surrender. Boundless hope.

Writing gives voice to the myriad thoughts that play themselves out while I sit for hours on the bus or train, and while I engage my daily responsibilities as a local truck driver. Writing helps me make sense of it all.

A poem to mourn the loss of yet another friend on the street.
A reflection to wrestle with doubt.
An opinion piece to challenge my own thinking, as well as that of my readers.
A story of some aspect of my day, hoping to find meaning in the narrative.

I’m not sure why people read my blog. But I am glad you are here. If you are a writer and you plan to attend the Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference in Newberg this weekend, please look for me. I want to meet you.

I’m not a published author in the sense most people admire and aspire to achieve. However, I am learning to own my voice. Whether it’s through blogging or contributions to a website or some other publication, I’m just going to be me.

I invite you to be you. The Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference will inspire you to do that very thing, giving you permission to try, to fail, and then to try again. Through it all, we will cheer you on, celebrating the beautiful voice you are contributing to the world.

Are you in? Let’s connect.


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