thankful for a hard week


This week was eleven years in the making. My car is showing signs of its age, or perhaps more accurately, my lack of timely upkeep. Repairs cost money. Although it runs relatively fine, I trust it less than in the past to get me to and from work on the other side of Portland. So for the last few days I’ve relied on Trimet. It’s meant far more walking, waiting, and paying attention to arrival and departure times. All of this, added to a physically demanding work week full of specific frustrations, provided a mirror in which to examine my attitude and character. I didn’t enjoy the view, but I’m thankful for it.

The rumors are wrong so far: the bus drivers and MAX train operators are timely and safe, and mostly friendly. The downside is that it turns a normal 2-3 hour commute into a 4+ hour commute. The upside? Lots of reading time.

Currently the renowned theologian, Thomas C. Oden, has my devoted attention as I study his Classic Christianity. It’s a required read for any pastor, seminary student, or person interested in engaging a rigorous and relational conversation with historic Christian orthodoxy. No politically correct syncretistic babble here. Rather, it faithfully listens to the fathers and mothers of the Church as they struggled to interpret Scripture for application in their contexts.

I’m thankful for this extra time of undistracted reading, but I’m primarily grateful for the opportunity to see myself a little more clearly. Growing up really is hard to do.

My car will be fine. I almost have the money saved up to do the necessary repairs. However, this experience may well encourage me to continue using Trimet more often, especially on days when the benefits outweigh the extended transit times. Who knows? Maybe one of those benefits will be continued growth in maturity.

That’s worth a boarding pass.


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