scouting the way ahead in 2014


Hi friends! Happy New Years!

Thanks so much for reading my blog and being a part of my life.

Last New Years Eve I wrote a post entitled glimpsing the days ahead in 2013. As I review that post. I realize that not much has changed for me in terms of my desire to engage the margins. But my resolve is stronger and my focus is more clearly refined. There is no turning back. No longer is this excursion into the margins a tentative adventure. It is my journey, my residence, my life. Much has happened in 2013.

I’ve begun coach training through Western Seminary. Having completed three courses, I am now being coached by an advanced student who is working on certification. Also, I am coaching a couple of clients with the aim of adding a few more in the coming days.

Children’s ministry is once again integral to my life. I am part of the teaching team for 180, my church’s Saturday outreach to children in our neighborhood. I also lead kids church in Sundays once per month.

I’ve engaged in conversations with key frontline leaders who are working to minister with and among the homeless and poor in the Portland area. Through this networking effort, I’ve met some fascinating people. They inspire me through their selfless ethic of service to their friends without homes. I desire to be a catalyst in Portland, helping thought leaders connect with each other and encourage one another, too.

And I write. Two deadlines loom right now. Plus, there is my own special project which requires me to revisit it after a one month hiatus.

But what lies ahead in 2014? Here are my hopes:

-Spiritual growth in my life, characterized by a more predominate life of prayer, and growth in the fruits of the spirit.
-Further development of relationships with my friends who are marginalized from the church and the gospel. Not just the poor or the homeless, but anyone who will never step foot inside a church or who typically is mystified by the ways we obscure the clear message of the gospel.
-Encouraging others, through coaching, writing, speaking, even editing. I want to give of myself so that others may blossom into the persons God has called them to be. Are you one of those people? Please contact me. Let’s talk.

Happy New Year friends. I’m praying for you as you read this. May you press in to the heart of God and thereby dream dreams which he has for you. You matter. To God. To me. Let’s work together to make 2014 a year of change in our hearts and in the lives of those whom we influence.

I look forward to hearing from you!


5 thoughts on “scouting the way ahead in 2014

  1. Happy New Year, Glen! God has wonderful things in store for you in 2013. I love reading about your growth; this line is my fave: “No longer is this excursion into the margins a tentative adventure. It is my journey, my residence, my life.”

    There is no better feeling than to know when God has set you on solid ground to walk! I am happy for you! I know He has more great things in store for 2014, and I cannot wait to read all about them. :)

    Keep on being you, Glen. You’re awesome!

  2. Happy New Year, Glen. :) Looking forward to seeing all God has for you in 2014. I hope you’re enjoying the program at Western. (That’s where I took my coaching courses, as well)

    It looks like the kids with 180 really take to you. You’re so wonderful with them. I’m glad you’re able to participate in that… and in terms of the homeless/ poor ministry, I can only imagine that you’re a natural at it. I, too, have spoken with some of the ministers who specialize, if you will, in that area. Some very interesting people to talk to, indeed. :)

    Out of curiosity, what kind of writing do you do (if I may ask)? Depending on what style and genre you work in, perhaps we can discuss the possibility of teaming up on a project in the future (late 2014-early 2015). Just something to think about…

    Be blessed,

  3. Hi Harmony,

    Happy New Year to you as well! Thank you for your encouragement. It means a lot!

    Currently I write primarily on spirituality, children’s ministry, culture, and mission. Occasionally I post about coaching and he craft of writing and editing.

    As part of I contribute content to that website. I also occasionally contribute content to magazines, such as k mag, as part of the kidology team which contributes to that resource.

    I have a long neglected novel hiding in the archives, and I am currently working on a special project which I am not ready to make public yet. Hope at answers the question!

    Did you compete the coaching program at Western and get your certification? I would love to hear how that went for you.

  4. Hi, Glen,

    I actually took three of the courses when I was working on my MREL at Warner. I hope to take more in the future, gaining full certification, but it was nice to have them as part of my degree… especially all the tools you learn. :) I took two from Linda and one from James, if I recall correctly. Very different teaching styles, but both really effective. I actually chose that program initially because I knew Phil had gone through it. And then I met someone else from the church for the first time in James’ class (I believe).

    And yes, that answers my question. :) I wouldn’t want to dig deep into another’s secret projects. I get that; totally. I attach a few to my books. haha As for your long-neglected novel, I empathize. The one I’ve got turning into a series is one of the ten I had partially finished before. I’ve got one that’s been sitting around 2/3 finished on the desktop for… at least 12 or 14 years. Of course, by the time I get back around to it, it’ll have to be done all over again, anyhow. haha

    Looking forward to seeing what He has in store for your year…

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