engaging new narrative threads


My story is continuing. It never stopped, although it felt paused for a long while, as if I lived on the perimeter of what matters. But that was a lie empowered by a fear of insignificance. After elbowing fear in the throat, leaving it gagging and speechless, I am choosing life. I choose to take the risks necessary to move forward in my narrative. I’m moving out of the nameless crowd, no longer a one-dimensional extra in my own story, so that I may follow Jesus with courage. Even when it hurts. Even when it’s scary. Even when real failure looms again as a tangible reminder of failures of the past and it feels as if I am all alone in the world.

I choose hope so that may I testify to the hope that is in Christ. I choose joy so that the storyline of my latter years may glorify God alone. I choose courage because it will be needed to advocate for those who live in the margins, defenseless against systems which prioritize the powerful over the marginalized. I choose authenticity because it is only then that my story might inspire others to explore their own more deeply with a view toward what God is saying to them now.

What about you? Looking at your life, what attitude do you choose? How will it impact your decisions and behavior in the coming weeks?


2 thoughts on “engaging new narrative threads

  1. Thanks Glenn, I needed to be challenged with this thought. I’m facing some big decisions and they are life changing ones. “fear” “personal doubt” tend to appear as giants to me at times. I am challenged to grab God’s word and slay them and walk forward in victory!

  2. Tom, keep walking forward with courage. There is a cloud of witnesses cheering you on, not least our Great High Priest and Advocate, who is at the right hand of the Father, interceding for you and holding high the banner of victory.

    If there is anything I personally can do to serve you, please don’t hesitate to ask. Whether it’s a season of free coaching or occasional prayer for you, I invite you to contact me anytime. You can reach me via email at glenawoods @ gmail.com.

    Blessings on you and your family!

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