praying for the Middle East


Photo Credit: NASA

The cradle of civilization. From high above it looks so peaceful. It is the confluence of myriad events and people, of nations which have risen and fallen throughout the millennia, and those which have endured, notwithstanding the ebb and flow of wars, alliances, and disasters.

Its beauty belies the suffering which is hidden by distance. Civil war in Egypt. Terrorism via suicide bombers throughout the region. Genocide in Syria. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And now the likelihood that the USA will engage yet another war to punish Syria for using chemical weapons against its own citizens, killing at least one thousand people, hundreds of them young children.


Will the international community continue to pontificate, wanting to appear wise, and leave Syria to its own devices? Will they allow a dictator to continue exterminating his own people? Apparently, yes. Except for France and possibly the USA, depending on the results of the congressional debate and vote which will occur soon.

It’s a complicated issue. Russia reportedly is sending its own naval ships into the region in response to the elevated American presence. Putin is denying any wrong doing by his close ally, Assad of Syria. China also opposes any response, given their alliance with Syria’s government.

Every American president has a defining moment in his presidency. This may well become such a moment for President Barack Hussein Obama.

So, I call all followers of Jesus Christ to pray for him and for the congressional members, that they will gain wisdom in how to proceed.

I ask us all to pray for the people of Syria, those who are suffering on both sides of the conflict, and those who have access and power to initiate positive changes.

I ask us to pray for all the people in the Middle East, from Jerusalem to Beirut, from Damascus to Baghdad, from Kabul to Cairo, and throughout these lands.

May God raise up righteous leaders who will benefit their people, and remove those whose only concern is personal power and enrichment.

May God deliver young people from the bondage of militant thinking and terrorist training.

May those of us who live in relative safety remember our responsibility to wield power wisely, and engage tyranny when necessary, particularly when victimized citizens cannot help themselves in overcoming state-sponsored terrorism.

Do I want the USA to go to war again? No. But is it necessary? Quite possibly. Lives hang in the balance. Atrocities continue even after the mass killings which occurred recently.

Let’s do our part in prayer. Never forget, none of this has caught God by surprise. He knows what to do. May we seek him, and encourage our leaders to do the same so that we will better understand our responsibilities in the days ahead.

Do you agree with this post? Please consider sharing it with others. Do you disagree? Please feel free to comment respectfully.

Thank you.


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