listening for the path ahead


Photo Credit: Glen Alan Woods

Where do you want to go? In life? In ministry? In work? What will it take to move you forward on the next leg of your journey? To borrow a metaphor from the image in this post, will it require more railroad tracks, or a different mode of transportation altogether?

These are questions I am wrestling with right now in my own life. The familiar is becoming a distant memory; the uncharted, a new reality. It is as revealing as a fresh layer of coarse gravel to obscure hints of the way forward.

But forward I must continue on this journey into obscurity. The telltale signs of how to proceed can no longer be observed from a safe distance. Intimacy with the Lord God is required, as it always has been, but in more urgent ways now. I’m more aware of my tendency to stray, my willingness to settle for less than God’s best. I’m compelled to run to him, to cry out all the more desperately for his wisdom, his guidance, his strength to persevere in a callous world.

I hear him gently reminding me to think of myself far less, and others far more, especially those with no one to advocate for them,

I hear him reminding me that he has always been present and available, even when I often have not.

I hear him whispering through the deep places of my heart, noticing the layers of jaded veneer and callousness, and testing for sensitivity to his Holy Spirit.

And I dare not speak. Or ask. Or even cry out. Not yet. There will come a time for that. For now, I listen.

What about you? How might you discern the way forward for your life?


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