Coaching: An Opportunity for My Blog Subscribers


Update: this offer has expired.

Day two of Introduction to Coaching is completed. I now have learned the basic skills needed to wade into slightly deeper coaching waters. Deep listening, powerful questions, helpful models of coaching are all a part of my entry level skill set. The journey has barely begun. Yet, I feel like I’ve come a long way since this adventure commenced yesterday morning. This is a credit to my professor, Chad Hall, MCC, and all the other coaching students.

So, what now? I need to begin practicing these fundamental skills so that I may gain greater competence and confidence with them.

This leads me to an important question for you, my blog subscribers. Because of your encouragement over the years, I am making this opportunity available to you first. What area of your life would you have an interest in exploring in a free, limited duration, safe and confidential coaching relationship?

Sound intriguing?

I am offering two people three free 1/2 hour sessions each of coaching on a topic(s) of your choice. The conversations will occur via phone. I will coach from a Christian worldview, but you are not required to be a Christian to qualify. However, you do need to be at least 21 years old. I reserve the right to decline an opportunity if it seems clear to me that we would not be a good fit.

My role will be to coach you, not counsel, consult, mentor, or provide spiritual direction. The material you discuss and decisions you make are solely owned by you. In addition to discussing your stuff, you will give me honest feedback on my coaching performance.

Still interested?

Make sure you are subscribed to this blog via the email subscription form in the upper left-hand corner of the page. And then contact me via email at glenawoods @ (lose the spaces). Please include your full name, age, location, and state your interest in being coached.

I will reply via email if you meet the qualifications and there is an opening.

This is a limited time opportunity.

I hope to converse with a couple of you soon!


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