plotting hope


Sometimes the best way to achieve forward motion in life is simply to begin moving. But it does help to have an initial course laid in. We don’t know all the details, and the outcomes are never guaranteed. Yet, the beginning direction offers a focal point, a goal. In essence, we plot hope. For ourselves, for others we care about. Even those who do not know us and may never recognize our desire to help them.

My young friend from the neighborhood has many dreams, hopes, aspirations. So do I. We are alike in that way, notwithstanding our many differences. For example, she is much better than me at skipping rope when two other people whip it around and around. But we both plot hope for our individual futures.

This weekend I will be participating in an Introduction to Coaching class at Western Seminary. The seminary offers world class coach training. I decided to experience coaching for myself to see if it is something I wish to pursue further to augment my skill set. Time will tell. But here’s the point. While I am plotting hope, I recognize my responsibility to initiate motion; that is, to do something about the vague notions I’ve harbored concerning coaching over the years.

Meanwhile I do life daily throughout the city through my job as a driver, asking God to transform my mind, change my heart, and mold my will so that it is pleasing to him. In this way, I trust that the hope I plot will be rooted and established in Christ’s love. For friends and family. For co-workers. For annoying people, especially the hateful ones. And for the marginalized in the neighborhood who live life with little or no influence from followers of Jesus Christ.


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