20130413-144922.jpg Last Saturday, my church began a neighborhood children’s ministry outreach called 180, Makin’ The U-Turn. It is full of high energy music, dancing, games, puppetry, teaching, bible memory work, relationship-building, faith-inspiring interaction, and prayer. We bought a small bus which goes into the neighborhood to transport kids to our location. Other children live close and walk.

We have many motivated, dedicated adult and youth ministers who trade in part of their day to do life with children and lead them to faith in Jesus and life-long discipleship. It is a privilege to participate in a small way. Last week 25 boys and girls made first time decisions to follow Jesus and be born again. This week 6 boys made that choice. It was a privilege to lead them in a prayer of commitment to Christ.

I’m thankful to witness the level of commitment my church is demonstrating to the local neighborhood. I look forward to seeing Christ’s impact spread throughout our community and beyond.

The best is yet to come and will impact all the generations and cultures within our influence which God has entrusted to us.


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