The Fremont Bridge


I love bridges. I enjoy looking at them, driving them, and photographing them. I especially like to explore perspectives we usually pass over in order to achieve the iconic shots we typically see in chamber of commerce ads.

The underbellies of bridges and confluence of their onramps offer a gritty look at their massive size. This shot captures the east side of the onramps to the Fremont Bridge in Portland, Oregon. Taken from I-5, the iconic portion of the great bridge is hidden from view. That’s part of the appeal for me. We are forced to focus on details we would otherwise ignore in favor of the money shot which is just beyond our view.

It’s the kind of photo which will never make it into a magazine or be recognized for its genius. Instead, it captures the mood and tone of daily mundane life, far from the glamour of its soaring namesake.


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