The dark skyline is foreboding. It casts a pall over the chain link fence. Razor wire mocks would be escapees. Passersby scurry on, eager to leave the dismal scene, all manner of conjecture filling their minds about what goes on beyond the fence line. Those within feel abandoned to any hope for liberty.

Or so it would seem from a certain point-of-view.

Perspective is a fickle companion, too often serving as adversary to accurate thinking, it’s champion. It’s probably due to the fact we too often install filters which modify truth and reality just enough to alter the apparent mood, trajectory, and end-game of what we are experiencing.

Let’s face it, even on a clear day with no visible distractions, the theater control rooms in our minds are sometimes overrun with an infestation of invisible chimpanzees who install crazy screen filters, dub in previously non-existent dialogue and narration, and even add scenes which do not exist in reality. They make up the lies we tell ourselves, the agreements we make with the devil which completely contradict God’s purposes for us.

That’s why we miss seeing what God sees. The beauty in life. In our lives. Specifically in yours. In mine.


So yes, the chain link fence with razor may be present. But there also is blue sky above, warmth on the skin, and hope that this hell you have been experiencing, caged in a prison of addiction, guilt, shame, and hopelessness can be overcome by the power of the resurrected Jesus Christ (Romans 8, especially v. 11).

Let me ask you: what is your perspective right now? Are you imprisoned by bondage to sin or liberated by the power of Jesus? Praying for all who are reading this as together we call on the name of The Lord Jesus Christ for mercy and forgiveness, thanking him for his sacrificial death and bodily resurrection from the grave on our behalf.


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