stories untold


It stakes its claim between HWY 30 and the Columbia River between NW industrial and the St. John’s Bridge. A mysterious structure on an industrial property. Carefully watched by an armed guard. I know, because the guard took exception to my presence when I took this photo. No words exchanged. Just folded arms and a spiteful glare. So I left, wondering to this day what stories are left untold by those walls.

A series of Internet searches reveal a wealth of conjecture, but nothing of factual substance.

But that’s okay. Maybe some stories are best left untold. It allows the imagination to fill in the blanks. Maybe it’s a government install–no, that can’t be right. I know, it’s a drug house–umm, no, too predictable. Ooh. I have an idea…. Gotta run. I will let you use your imagination while I engage mine. I will let my story go untold for now while you write your own.


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