workplace credibility

I’ve worked in the flooring industry for over twenty years. Wholesale, retail, sales, warehouse, and now as a full-time truck driver. It’s a large industry with complex relational connections. Having started in Eugene, and then working in Portland and now all over the tri-county metro area, I’ve come to realize it is a small world, as well.

It takes years to build credibility and moments to shatter it.

The little things count. How I handle confidences, conflict, transactions, humor, and so on. Likewise, attention to detail, safety, professionalism, reliability, accuracy, and kindness all have their role in establishing long-term credibility.

Behavior when off duty can affect credibility on the job. Attitudes toward customers, vendors, and the competition can influence the collective body of credibility that I develop, so much so that it can impact future job prospects (not that I have any intention of going elsewhere) and ongoing relationships.

All of this is true in any line of work or any arena of life, such as the church or school.

That’s why I aim to live a simple life which keeps it real, no matter where I find myself. That way I don’t have to worry about covering my tracks or explaining awkward moments from the past.

Instead, I can enjoy the friendships I’ve built up over all these years.

What about you? What suggestions do you have for building workplace credibility?


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