prayer for my readers

I’m so thankful to those of you who regularly read this blog. You inspire and encourage me. You motivate me to keep writing. So now I want to pray for you here with the hope that you also will be encouraged right where you are at the time you read this post.

Thank you, Lord, for each person reading these words. Thank you for their lives. Please fill their hearts with your joy. May they know the peace which only you can give. May they sense the love you have for them and be drawn to you continually as a result.

Lord, for those who are hurting from heartache or illness, please minister healing. For those who are celebrating, may they do so with your joy which alone can satisfy their hearts. For those who do not know you, may they feel welcome to hang out and enter this conversation about faith and life.

Lord, please bless each one this thanksgiving weekend, wherever they may be in the world. You love them, right here, right now, right where they live. May they never forget that and draw close to you as a result.

In Jesus precious name I pray, amen


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