remembering my Dad


I just found a photo of my Dad. It’s been a long while since I have seen it–since I have seen him. No special occasion prompts this post. Just my love for him and for my mom. I miss them both. I hear their voices in my memory, palpable and real as if they are really here. Mom always said, “Daddy is the talker and I am the walker.” She always called him Daddy, even when the four kids were grown up. And she was right, but I still remember both of their voices and the things they would say. The stories, the jokes, the acknowledgement that they were listening.

I’m left with all these memories, precious and potent. But I’m also left with a hope that I will one day see them again in that place Jesus said he would prepare for us. I don’t want a mansion by myself. The song “Mansion Over The Hilltop” always made me wonder if I would be alone in Heaven. I get enough alone time this side of heaven. No, I should like to reside in the midst of what God is doing with his sons and daughters, the co-heirs with Jesus. In the meantime I seek to be an obedient servant, crucifying the flesh and its sinful desires, dying to self, and pursuing Christ as he leads me into the margins where hope is bleak and the gospel has not yet penetrated the culture.

I know Dad and Mom were proud. Now I want to make The Lord God proud. I want to be faithful. Will you pray for me to that end? I also will pray for you.


2 thoughts on “remembering my Dad

  1. Sure, brother! We could all use some of that. :) I just saw your Twitter update about your friend in the sidebar, too. Saying a prayer for thorough healing for him as well.

    So you are in Portland? (Reading several posts this morning…Not sure if I noticed that before or not!) :) That’s not all that far from Rogue River–very cool.

    May the Lord lead and strengthen you!

    ~Sheila :)

  2. Thank you, Sheila. :) I’ve been in the Portland area since 1995. Love it here. Your part of the state is very nice, too. I’ve been on the Rogue River once. Beautiful countryside.

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