shipwrecked heart


A large boat rests in the side lot of a warehouse in Northwest Portland. It is impressive from a distance; sad up close. I imagine it once sailed the high seas, braving waves and wind. But now it lies in neglect on the ground. The years have not been kind. No longer is it sea worthy. The purpose for which it was built can no longer be fulfilled through it. At least, not without serious renovation and refitting from someone willing to apply such loving care at great price.

Maybe you feel like that boat. No longer able to pursue the purposes for which God created you. Shipwrecked. Broken. Given over to despair.

I want you to know that you are NOT forgotten.

God knows your name. He knows your heart. He knows your pain. He knows your sin. And he loves you.

So much. That he sent His one and only unique Son, Jesus Christ, to die for the whole world. To die for you. So that you may live. Not just in eternity.

But also now. Here. On this earth. In the midst on this swirling mass of humanity where God desires to establish his kingdom in your heart, and therefore in your community.

Out of love. For you. Your family. Your neighborhood. And the whole world.


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