Forest Park Hike: Portland Audubon Society

Yesterday I took a short hike starting at the Portland Audubon Society Headquarters. Although I snapped numerous photos, I will only share a few of the best here. Since I approached the trailhead from the East, I was required to make my way from Vaughn St to NW 25th and then to NW Lovejoy which later transitions to NW Cornell. Two tunnels mark the massage. This is the first.


I stopped on Lovejoy to take in a rare behind-the-scenes view of the iconic Montgomery Park building and the NW Industrial Park area. Swan Island lurks in the distance. These are part of my stomping grounds when I drive truck throughout the week.


Portland is known for its long, steep concrete staircases built during its industrial boom season. This is one of them. Tempted as I was to descend, I thought better of it since I knew I would later have to make the return journey.


An owl stood guard at the trailhead immediately behind the Audubon Headquarters. He looked kinda grumpy so I chose not to let him out of his cage…


As I embarked on my hike I saw many beautiful trees, ferns, shrubs and greenery. The Lothlórien Realm is beautiful to imagine. But this is the real thing.





There were also numerous walking bridges. Here is one of them.



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