A wreath of greenery encircles distant Silver Falls. The coniferous tree line is encroached by low-lying shadows of soaring giants behind me, the sun’s radiance revealing their otherwise hidden presence. The result is an arboreal shadow box on a grand scale, perfectly highlighting the year-round waterfall, the feature attraction of Silver Falls State Park outside of Silver Falls, Oregon. The faint roar of water competes with the slight breeze brushing against nearby trees and other vegetation. Birds sound their calls, not least the occasional osprey.

And I wonder. I wonder at the majesty of this scene, and the veiled glory suggested by the shadows in the foreground.

There is a celestial example of the interplay between shadow and light, suggestive of the grand scale of perspective unique to our Creator, but glimpsed in small part by us. Words do not do it justice. So, view it for yourself. Savor it. Note the details and what they imply. And wonder at the one who made it all, both the expanse of his creation and the minute. Wonder and behold his majesty via the work and sustaining power of his hands.



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