space: the final frontier, or what is left of it

Stop what you are doing. Right now. Look up from your screen. Look to your right; now to your left. Now slowly turn around and scan your surroundings…. What do you see? Space? Or Density? That is, do you see order or clutter? In my home it is clutter. Utter disarray….

Now look at your calendar. Are you booked solid for the coming months with very little margin? Or is there space to relax and enjoy your family, and to do basic things to take care of yourself and your home? My calendar is in much better shape than it has been in years past. It makes me wonder why the physical clutter continues unabated. Yes, that is nagging you hear from my conscience in the background.

Space, or in the popular spirituality vernacular margin, is truly the frontier we must explore in the human experience if we are to reclaim the balance for which we long. In our relationships, our work, our ministries, our living spaces…. Many people are discovering that less is more. So in honor of such a sentiment I opt for brevity in this post. Carve out space in your life for those things which are most important. Come back and tell me how it went. Don’t worry. I will be here, cleaning my living space and making room for life.


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