balloons in children’s ministry

Balloons are a colorful, playful way to capture the attention of young children so that you may guide them through each step of their interactive learning experience. I love balloons and so do kids. Why not use them in your ministry environment?

You don’t have to be a balloon expert with the ability to create complicated shapes. I simply use the round balloons. No animals, great as they would be if I knew how to create them. Nope, just plain ole colorful round ones.

This morning I led a song for young children. We bounced the balloon round our circle as we sang, “Jesus Loves Me.” They laughed and giggled and eventually began to sing along. Then we had share time. I explained that only the person holding the balloon may speak. Each child was able to tell about one awesome thing that happened to them the previous week. The others listened carefully for the most part, understanding that soon it would be their turn to talk.

Then at the end of the session we played a game in our gym. A large number of balloon were inflated and put at the half-court line. The teams were divided in to two groups on each side. The goal was to put all the balloons on the other side without crossing the line themselves. Great fun and exercise. With simple balloons.

Much more happened this morning, but that was how we used our balloons. I’m curious: how do you use balloons in your children’s ministry?



5 thoughts on “balloons in children’s ministry

  1. Love ballooons in ministry!
    Quick ice-breaker game: If you have a fairly large area: play a game where you use rolled up newspapers as “sticks” and the balloons must be hit with the stick from one end to another.
    Did a lesson on children’s rights the other day when we prayed for children in need. Wrote sentences on balloons eg “Children must have time to play” or “Children must be allowed to be soldiers.” etc. Two teams on both sides of a line. Divided the balloons equally between the teams. Older kids had to pick up a balloon, read the sentence, kept the balloon if they agreed, but “throw” it to the other team if they disagreed. Balloons had to be passed to the other team via the younger kids not being able to read yet. Lovely chaos and great fun.
    Also use balloons with rolled up papers inside. Balloons have to be burst to get to the message on the paper. Can be used for stacks of stuff eg prayer pointers.
    Used balloons the other day when we talked about the “voice of God”. Sometimes soft (dropped a balloon on a carpet – “can you hear it drop?”). Sometimes loud – pop the balloon.
    I can go on and on and on!

  2. When I first saw your title, I expected a post on safety. This is great, though. I like to use balloons in children’s ministry, too. One game we have played is an adapted version of “hot potato”. Stand in a circle with the children. We start with a memory verse reference, then toss the balloon. Whoever is touching the balloon at any moment says the next word in the memory verse as they “bop” the balloon back across the circle. Of course, try to keep the balloon (and the memory verse) moving. You could even let the first person after the last word of the memory verse has been said say another memory verse reference and keep going. It is lots of fun!

    ~Sheila :)

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