Ministry Dreams: Spread Your Wings or Clip Them?

The path leading to the realization of long-held life and ministry dreams is amazing, exhilarating even. Ideas flow. Sketches, etchings, scribbles on napkins, tweets in the stillness of night, and prayers uttered when no one but God is listening. That’s how it starts.

Photograph by Glen Alan Woods.

They begin to creep in to your daily conversations without you even consciously intending it. You know what I’m talking about. You might even be there now. And then you make your decision. You activate God’s plans that he has birthed in you. As press in, you begin the sprint toward the goal….

Photograph by Glen Alan Woods

Maybe other voices safely perched on the protective handrails begin to voice their criticism, cheerfully bickering over the futility of your dreams despite a complete lack of understanding over your journey before and during its implementation. And for a moment, you hesitate. Rather than taking wing and soaring, you stop. You listen. You even…

Photograph by Glen Alan Woods

…look down. And doubt. You begin to wonder what you had been thinking. The first hints of despair murmur deep within the hidden places of your heart. It is a strange thing being on that precipice of doubt and hope, quitting and engaging, clipping your God-given ministry wings and soaring as God intended; a strange thing, indeed. What will you do? Listen to the internal doubts and external naysayers? Or listen to God who by his Spirit and through his Word, and through wise godly counselors, whispers affirmation to your heart? Listen to what God said to Joshua, his choice to succeed Moses, more than once: “I hereby command you: Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9; cf. Joshua 1:6-7, 18; 10:25 NRSV) Was Joshua equipped in the natural to take on this uniquely challenging role? To a certain degree, it could be argued in the affirmative. But he knew, as God certainly did, that he needed God’s favor, his courage, and his intervention.

Are we any different? So, take flight in God’s plans for you. Be courageous, knowing that it will cost you more than you can possibly imagine, but not more than what God’s grace will supply for your need. And give God all the glory.


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