scarred hands

Each day of work exacts a price on my body. The toil of labor is like that and it should come as no surprise, given God’s judgment on Adam subsequent to his fall. This is particularly evident when considering my hands, calloused and scarred from years of manual labor. Often they become cracked and bleed. They hurt. So I seek ways to help them heal.

It calls to mind the nail scars on Jesus’ hands and feet, and his pierced side. My hands hurt because of my chosen profession. Jesus’ hands were scarred because of my chosen sins. Through his suffering I find healing which encompasses the whole of who I am, giving me reason to rejoice in my salvation and dance with joy for my deliverance out of the bondage of sin. So, do not despair concerning the scars your work produces. Allow them to remind you of God’s surpassing love which he demonstrated through Jesus’ suffering and death.


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