navigating the mundane

Saturday morning. A grueling work week concluded. I slept in late, almost until 9 AM. I didn’t bother to set my alarm clock yesterday evening. A small luxury as I consider my choices for this all-too-brief Saturday. Nothing earth-shaking confronts me this weekend. My choices are limited to the mundane. You know, the stuff we all deal with on a daily basis. Laundry, cleaning, a small amount of grocery shopping, even the new G rated movie which just hit the theaters. Mundane, but profound.

It is in the mundane life routines, particularly when nobody is watching, that our character informs our choices. We do our laundry, but what occupies our thoughts? Our imaginations? Our dreams and hopes, even fears?

We drive to the grocery store. Was it really worth it to get so perturbed at the slow service? The inattentive driver? The little old man attempting to cross the busy side street on the cross walk?

We log on to Facebook. We log out hours later. To what end? Did the value of the interaction merit the time it wrested from other pursuits?

We watch just a little television. Six hours and thirty minutes, to be exact. But who is counting?

We arrive to church Sunday morning, our best face on. “It’s going great!” we declare, all coifed and groomed for the weekly public religious appearance. But those who do life with us, they know better. They see through the veneer, the shallow expressions on our faces. Inwardly, they pray for us.  Privately, they challenge us.

The mundane life routines are difficult to navigate because they are filled with IED’s, improved explosive devices specifically designed to destroy us. Our relationships with each other and with God. Thus, our spiritual vitality. Our purpose for living. We focus on counterfeit sources of entertainment and pleasure rather than God’s gifts in their properly ordained places. The mundane, therefore, is filled with shame-filled sidetrips into disobedience. We cover the shame with hastily constructed veneer, complete with Christian jargon.

And then a new week begins. Filled with more of the mundane.

Unless we choose differently.

You know, take a risk.

Drop the veneer.

Keep it real.


Exposed to the penetrating glare of God’s holiness and redemption through Jesus Christ.

Conviction. Confession. Repentance.


Suddenly, the mundane routines take on a new meaning. A purpose. Hope. Obedience and honor.

The navigation responsibilities no longer rest solely in our hands, for we have given them back to the Father who, by the Holy Spirit, then provides us real-time guidance to the degree of our attentiveness to his Word and his Spirit.


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