re-engaging the kidmin conversation

Yes, it’s true. I am wading back in to the children’s ministry conversation. The venues are the same, but the perspective is different. I am in the process of developing articles for and new content for  As always, I may post content related to children’s ministry on this blog, too. Whereas before I wrote from the perspective of an ordained children’s pastor in a local church, I will now be writing as a missionary to my city and a volunteer in my church. Yet, I am sure I will access my background of practical and academic learning experiences. So I invite you to look for my articles and content and to interact with me here and in those venues. The two websites offer unique and outstanding resources. I am privileged to contribute in a small way in the days to come. And watch out, you will probably be encouraged, inspired, and energized by accessing the resources on both websites.


4 thoughts on “re-engaging the kidmin conversation

  1. Glen, thanks for linking to mine and Tony’s sites – but let it be known, YOU are a great resource to those in kids ministry! I personally have grown from reading your site and from our phone conversations and personal visits. You are a great sounding board and a wise contemplator of the things that truly matter. Those who listen to you are taking time to think a little deeper about kids ministry and are richer for it.

  2. I’m involved with a similar type of ministry, and I often feel like an outsider amid the “kidmin conversation” whether online or at conferences. I’m looking forward to reading your material.

  3. Hi Michelle! I am glad you found this blog. I welcome your input. You can also find me at Over the past couple of years I have shared parts of my journey into a missionary mindset and lifestyle. You can find the discussion at I understand feeling like an outsider. However, I think you will find many people in the kidmin world (on kidology and elsewhere) to be very gracious and tuned in to what God is doing in and through people like us who don’t fit the typical kidmin profile. I pray God’s richest blessings so that you will experience ministry fruitfulness and practical provision to meet your needs.

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