praise vanquishes the darkness

In the dark hour, when hope seems bleak, the Holy Spirit prompts me to praise. It is not the stuff of spectacle which draws attention to myself. Rather, it consists of heartfelt adoration for Almighty God. It is the donning of spiritual armor, the wielding of spiritual armaments. It is a yielding to God, maker of heaven and earth. It is only made public as a call to brothers and sisters to join in worship, recognizing that our praise, insofar as it is pure and undefiled, honors God and frightens the portals of hell. A sobering responsibility. Not for the faint of heart who prefer domesticated and professionally orchestrated expressions of piety. For it is out of the depths of our hearts fully yielded to the Lord God that we begin to pray and  to praise according to his design and his providential love. In so doing, we begin to learn that worship is not about us or our feelings and preferences. It is all about God.

When we do that, when we make praise about God, something happens. He is glorified. He dwells in the midst of our praise. He goes before us in battle, defeating the enemy of our souls.

So, join me. Praise him. With all that you are, shout to the Lord for his glory and give thanks for his deliverance.

And the darkness will be vanquished.

Praise the Lord!


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