it’s not over until God says so

One year ago I thought my ministry to children was over. Apparently, it’s not over until God says so. Despite my feelings of inadequacy and my shortcomings.  Today I sat among the kids in our church and neighborhood as we watched Asante Children’s Choir perform for us. What a powerful ministry! Beautiful music, fantastic dancing and drumming, and shining, joyful countenances. The boys from Rwanda in East Africa standing with me in the photo are just a few of the choir members, which includes a number of girls as well. Next weekend I will share photos of the performance, too.

This has been an interesting season for me. I long have felt pulled to those in the cultural margins who have been forgotten by much of society. These boys and their friends in the choir once were in that situation and indeed still are very much in need. Now, however, they are sponsored by people in America. As they ministered joyfully, I was convicted deeply. As they thanked God without shame, I was challenged to stop wasting time and to become what God desires of me. For the least of these. For love and for joy. For obedience to Christ. Without shame, despite my tears of joy.


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