IPad 2: Early report from a novice user

This marks my first post using my new IPad 2. Yes, I am a late adaptor when it comes to technology. There are many reasons for this. Letting the technology mature and stabilize so that bugs may be worked out. Allowing time for me to do my homework to decide if this is a valid long-term tool which I will use frequently.

Three primary interests motivated me to purchase the IPad 2. First, it offers numerous portable creative opportunities via inexpensive or free apps. Photography, drawing, painting, writing are a few which I am putting to immediate use. Second, it allows me a simple platform from which I can engage in research and writing. Although I wish Bibleworks would develop an app which offers access to at least a portion of its research tools, I am pleased to discover the ease of browsing the web for public domain tools, plus richly featured apps such as Logos and Ligonier. Third, reading with the IPad 2 is fun and easy. Whether I am reading a Bible passage or following the intrepid Sherlock Holmes on another vexing case in the fog of London, the IPad 2 is an inviting portal into Scripture, research, or fictional worlds.

There are drawbacks. The keyboard is intuitive, but much smaller than that of a laptop or a conventional keyboard. Thus, I currently make far more typos, slowing me down. The device is lighter than a laptop, but much heavier than a kindle, nook, or any of the other readers on the market.

On the plus side, the graphics are amazing! Download apps, such as NASA, which have amazing photography and you will see it first hand. Although I did not purchase this tool as a laptop replacement, I already can see that possibility.

Should you consider buying an IPad? Possibly, but only if you are willing to be challenged to learn and think in dramatically different ways.


4 thoughts on “IPad 2: Early report from a novice user

  1. I’m impressed! I waited in line to be one of the first to get each release and have yet to post a blog post from an iPad, so you got me beat there, Glen. What did you use? The WordPress App? They were so riddled with bugs in the early days they took my site down and I’ve been scared to even launch the App after even programmers couldn’t get the WP App to work – I even spent money trying to get mobile blogging on iPad working! So please, share your secret!

  2. Frank, I will check that out. Karl, I am using the WordPress app. No problems with it at all. Of course, I do not host my own blog so that factors in. Maybe they have worked out the bugs since you last used it. No secrets here, really. It was you, Frank, and others who showed me the potential of the device. I am hopeful I can use it to bless others in the years ahead.

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