source of inspiration

Photo by Glen Alan Woods September, 2011

Form and mist, light and shadow embrace each other in the Olympic Mountains of Washington state. Somewhere within the vast wilderness captured in this scene, wild creatures struggle for survival. Antelope, bear, deer, cougar, and bobcat, to name a few. In the lower elevations, tucked in the rifts between soaring cliffs, ancient trees grow wide and tall. Some reach a height of 300 feet and are wide enough to drive a car through, if there were an arch. Although many are readily seen by human visitors, far more are not. Forever they grow in anonymity. Almost. 

God knows. He who created the unique geological formations,  and designed the three distinct ecosystems within the Olympic Peninsula did so with a creative flourish. The signature mark of the Creator who is the source of our inspiration.
Is it any wonder why so many people seek out the solitude of nature to activate their own creativity? Very few human designed things in this world are completely original. We stand on the ideas of our forbears. Yet, even then, only we have the unique personalities which make us who we are. We each are one of a kind. Signature creations of our Creator, made in his image. How easily we forget this, or worse, reject it. To do so is to start down the path of self-idolatry, placing ourselves or someone other than the Lord God in the position of sovereignty over our origins, our present lives, and our destinies.
Still, God remains sovereign. Creator. And we, created in his image, may find inspiration to explore, design, conceive original ideas out of the abundance of God’s invested giftedness through our personalities and talents. We simply need to return to the source of our inspiration, the Lord God. Often, we do so best in the midst of his natural creation, unhindered by a frenetic life pace, and constant distractions.
Ask yourself, when is the last time you sought solace in the midst of natural beauty? It may be a park, a flower garden, a hiking trail, or some other more remote destination. When there, turn off technology, other than perhaps a camera to capture important images of God’s creation. Listen to the wildlife, especially the birds, or maybe the crickets at night. Smell the beauty of flowers or the musky scent of towering trees. Above all, return to the source of your inspiration, the Lord God.

2 thoughts on “source of inspiration

  1. Not often enough these days, although I did enjoy my drive through the mountains in Colorado last month–as much as I could at 80 miles an hour (I wasn’t driving!).

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