life is what we make of it

Each day is an opportunity. Stuff happens, whether by our choice or beyond our control. It is the clay which gives shape to our lives. Yet, our responses to these situations mold the clay. This is why several people can respond so differently to identical life experiences, thereby crafting varying trajectories for their futures.

In essence, we become the choices we make.

This is food for thought for me as I look again at the photo of me acting like I am sticking my head into the mouth of a Great White Shark. Being a ham for the photographer is one thing. Becoming shark bait is quite another!

So, off I go. I muster my courage to make necessary choices which will shape my future. Will you do likewise?


2 thoughts on “life is what we make of it

  1. Thanks, Karl. I appreciate the insights you share on your blog as well. When speaking with kids, I often use an illustration to demonstrate the difference between mistakes and choices. A mistake is when you accidently drop a rock on your friend’s foot. A choice is when you take aim and throw it at his foot with all your might. Much of what we call mistakes in our culture are actually choices.

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