Is your church’s voice in the community parodied or respected?

Have you ever noticed a pattern in the types of voices and styles of speaking which are used in radio and television advertisements? Consider the following:

Mortgage Companies: Male, breathy, slightly high-pitched, making an overt effort to sound reasonable. Sorta like a kid in the midst of puberty who just got caught taking money out of mom’s purse. Again. Or, sorta like Boo Boo of the Yogi Bear cartoons.

Car Dealerships: Usually male, starts soft and progressively growsLouderWithOUT TakingABreathSoThatYouwonderifhewilleverSHUTUP! Kinda like Yogi Bear himself, only more annoying.

Car Insurance Companies: All over the map, of late, which is actually a good thing from a marketing standpoint, because some of the companies seem to have found their unique niches, deploying everything from gravitas (You’re in good hands with Allstate) to humor (Geico and Progressive).

Whereas the commercials in the first two categories annoy me to the point of causing me  to tune them out when I first hear them, the insurance company ads often are far more palatable.

Why is that? I can assure you I have no special affection for car insurance companies. Yet their ads usually are humorous or at least not annoying. I don’t automatically tune them out.

So, here is my question for you as ministry leaders. Do people tune out the messages of your church? If so, what might you do to change this? How might you shed the marketing persona and reveal yourself and your church as authentic and approachable?

A special note to my missional minded friends. This applies to your ministries, too. More than you might expect. Hint: Drop the insider culture speak, such as the word “missional.”

Your thoughts?


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