a view from the other side of the window

Often I take time to look out my back window. The Max train rushes people back and forth. Homes and businesses lurk in the distance, providing shelter for people living their lives and plying their trades. Once in awhile, small groups of people can be spotted walking the train tracks as a supposed shortcut to their destination, albeit a dangerous one, given the frequency of the train schedule. On this side of the tracks, a mixture of deciduous and coniferous trees provide a sense of serenity. Various species of birds flit about the upper reaches of their habitat, calling back and forth to each other in their distinctive voices. High above an osprey hunts for food. Occasionally, a coyote can be spotted just outside my fence. They aren’t so different than their human counterparts in that they are going about their normal daily business. And I watch them from the other side of the window.

I watch them live their lives, do their work, commute, and play, and even suffer. And I wonder. How might I live the days that I have remaining so that in everything I do, there is a clear sense of God’s direction which inspires a passionate embrace of his call? I do not believe in living life half-heartedly. With whatever gifts, abilities, opportunities, trials, problems, and obstacles which are deposited into my experience, I wish to face them with trust in God that he will provide wisdom, strength and direction.

How about you? What are you facing right now? A challenge? An opportunity? A disappointment? A thrilling victory? How will you respond to this moment in your story in a way that exhibits whole-hearted trust in the Lord God? In the end, how will your attitude and behavior contribute to the legacy you will someday leave behind?


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