everyday kindness

She has a name, but I call her trouble. All in good fun, of course. She teases me, and I return the favor. Laughs are shared and memories, too. But I am not the only one. Each person who walks through her company’s front door is greeted by her. If she has met them previously, she greets them by name. If she is meeting them for the first time, she commits their names to memory so that she may greet them personally at their next encounter. She likes everyone, and they adore her. Her attitude. Her kindness. Her personal touch.

It is infectious, this habit of greeting people personally. Other employees are picking up the habit, although they are not nearly adept as her. Yet, they try. And the benefits show.  I have yet to hear a raised voice or other typical bravado often seen at truck docks.

Much of this is because of a person I teasingly call trouble. Everyday kindness with a personal touch goes a long way toward building rapport. In the workplace. In a church. In a family. Especially on the street where I am beginning to make some new friends. My aim is to posture my attitude and countenance so that I remember their names, listen to their stories, and demonstrate Christ’s love toward them tangibly in word and action.


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