the beauty of simplicity

Beauty is what happens when a smile and a kind word are given, even though you don’t feel like it. You lift someone else up and they respond. Despite your weariness, your heart recognizes the importance of the moment. So simple, this beauty.

It is tender in its sensitivity, yet resilient in the face of hardship. It seeks the best for others, preferring their comfort to your own. Because of this, the orphan glimpses hope for a future because of your smiling countenance. The widow begins to believe she has not been abandoned to a life of loneliness and hardship. The prostitute is confronted with genuine godly love, possibly for the first time ever. The addict begins to recognize that no amount of acting out will bring lasting fulfillment.

It is in the ordinary moments, the sovereignly appointed encounters we each experience daily, that the beauty of simplicity finds expression. With our guard down, we live out who we really are. And to the degree that our hearts beat in tune with Christ, we exemplify his heart toward the world around us. In simplicity. In beauty. Usually in the ordinary, seemingly forgettable, moments which foreshadow his promise of redemption for a lost and dying world.


2 thoughts on “the beauty of simplicity

  1. This is such an inspiring blog post—I teared up while reading it. Sometimes, it’s far too easy to let the strain of the day weigh on you and become discouraged. I’ve been having a pretty awful day, and your blog post reminded me of all the beauty that’s in the world, thanks to God. Thank you for reminding me of the immense beauty in this world.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry it took so long for me to get to your comment. My blog’s spam filter did not let your comment through at first. I hope you are having a better week. Blessings!

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